Throwback Thursday!

It’s Thursday!!! I LOVE looking back on old posts… Here‘s one I wrote back in March and looking back now, I can see just how much things have changed for me. 🙂 That post is the Soundtrack to My Life and it has definitely changed a bit in the last 8 months for the better!

I’m not saying life is perfect (far from it) but the older I get, the easier I seem to be able to manage the hurdles life asks me to jump over!

So how good is my life right now? Have a look at the best 5 Things in Sassyland right now:

♥   I found some fool to put up with me! He makes me happy! ^_^

♥   I’m getting in shape. I made a promise to be able to do at least 25 press ups non-stop by the end of the academic year!

♥   Running just gets better and better. I’m actually really improving my stride! 🙂

♥   I’m attempting to learn acoustic guitar! I will be jamming on the beach with a beer and BBQ someday! 😉

♥  I get more and more followers on my blog every day. It sounds cheesy but I get so excited to think that someone out there actually wants to hear what I   have to say. I am a drop in the ocean but YOU want to listen. It means a lot to have a voice! 😀

I love my readers! =)

SO how have things changed for you guys over the last year? It doesn’t need to be a major change, but I guarantee that something in your life has taken on a new and more exciting route… 🙂