The Things We Say…

Ahhh good times last night as I went out and celebrated my friend’s 21st birthday! πŸ™‚

But it’s always the day after that we start to regret what we say when we’ve had too much cloudy lemonade! πŸ˜› I personally didn’t say anything I regret (or at least I don’t remember saying anything I would!) but having chatted about the events of last night, I can honestly say that we came out with some right crackers!

My personal favourite was walking into campus with 2 of my favourite girls, Elizabeth and Louise, singing at the top of our voices all our favourite Christmas carols! “FIIIIIVVVVEE GOLD RIIINGGSS” was a winner with many passers by! πŸ˜‰

Many people say that Drunken Words are Sober Thoughts and I do believe that to a certain extent. I have come out with some real classics at times but I think that last night I managed to hold it together, despite being a little happy and very cold! I’ve heard so many people saying things they wouldn’t usually say when they were sober and I can’t help but think that some people shouldn’t drink. It’s rare that I do drink now but there are certain types of alcohol that I will avoid if I’m on a night out so that I don’t get myself into any trouble!

So what are the basics of drinking etiquette? Well, here are my 10 basic rules!


Drinking Etiquette 101


  • EAT FOOD FIRST!!!! I know people don’t think they need to eat often and will only stock up on a slice of toast. But I’ve found that a good sized bowl of cheesy pasta really does the trick!Β 


  • Build it up! Don’t start with a round of flaming Sambuca shots or a row of tequila! You’ll be on the floor in the bathroom faster than you could down the shots in the first place!Β 


  • Have a tasty mixer! Nobody likes super strong drinks and weak mixers. Get something you enjoy and that tastes pretty good. Some of my favourites are pineapple juice, lemonade and cherry Tango!


  • Don’t make your drinks too strong! It’s much more fun to enjoy your drinks, and be merry rather than down paint stripper and be on the floor before you’ve even left the house! πŸ˜‰



  • MORE FOOD!!! Ahaha if you’re a bit of a light weight like me then you’ll want to give yourself every possible advantage! Don’t go for anything heavy but do have nibbles around such as nuts and crisps. That way you’ll last longer into the night! πŸ˜‰


  • Get your money out beforehand. Nobody wants to wait behind you at the ATM whilst you drop your card, get your PIN number wrong and draw out the wrong amount of money. It’s not a classy look!Β 


  • Don’t mix alcohol! Seriously, I didn’t actually drink much last night but tried various friend’s drinks including schnapps, malibu and even a vodka soaked gummy bear (but only 1) which didn’t include my own Bacardi jelly shots and some red wine mixed with lemonade!



  • Don’t use a straw or you WILL be on the floor! It’s one of the first basic rules of drinking!


  • Stick to what you know on a heavy night! It’s not a good idea to try a new type of alcohol– you won’t know what effects it will have or the consequences you’ll find yourself lumped with in the morning!


  • Avoid your danger drinks. Some people can’t handle certain drinks; for me it’s Vodka, it makes me aggressive so I tend to avoid it! πŸ™‚ Hence why I only had 1 vodka soaked gummy bear! πŸ˜›


gummy bears


Sometimes I think it’s worth being a little more cautious when you have a few grown-up party drinks or else you could regret something you’ve said or done, in the morning! πŸ˜‰