Nike+ SportBand Review

Running is as we all know pretty difficult. It’s hard to know how far we’ve run and what pace we’ve been keeping, splits, graphs, and all the other technical wotsits we’re supposed to know about. But without having unlimited funds it’s difficult to get hold of gadgets like the Nike+  Fuel Band or a Garmin all singing, all dancing sport watch.

Enter the Nike+ SportBand.

This little beast comes with the timer chip to go in your Nike+ trainers (or you can get a little pouch to attach to your laces if you’re not a Nike geek like me). It’s easy to sync and I managed to get mine going on just the first run I tried. It comes with a “How-To” booklet which guides you through every step of setting up the watch.

You can then download the app onto your mobile or laptop and set the time, date, etc. It’s easy to calibrate; just pick a route with a distance you know exactly, and then go for a run with you Nike+ SportBand. At the end of the run, you check the distances are the same. If they aren’t, you simply enter the distance of the actual run into the calibration setting.

You can then upload your run onto your Nike+ account to share with everyone! It will give you tips on how to improve your running and what you’re doing right or wrong on each run!

I got my SportBand in the January sales from Argos. I ordered it in pink and grey… However when I opened the box, it turned out to be in the Essex Bolts colours of black and red! It must be a sign that 2013 is going to be a brilliant year for the Bolts!

black-red sportband

Overall I would give this product a 9/10. It’s simple to set up and easy to use! However, if like me you’re not great at fiddly bits then clicking the bobbles into place to secure the watch might take a few seconds longer than average! 😉