I have GOALS not Resolutions!

I’m a firm believer in having goals rather than having resolutions… The reason being is that every year we make our New Year’s Resolutions, go full force into them and then fizzle out before the end of January.

I want more. I deserve more. I can DO more. I have the same thoughts on the “Bikini Body” (Why only focus on your fitness in summer? Surely you want to be fit and healthy all year round?!) Essentially, we set all our goals for January and expect to achieve them within the first month of the new year. But nothing ever works like that and to achieve said goals, takes work and dedication. So focus on one thing at a time!

In 2012 I wanted to run a half marathon, beat depression and pass my first year of university. I achieved all of these things and then some but I wouldn’t have succeeded if I’d tried to do it all at once!!

Beating Depression

Technically I wouldn’t say I’ve beaten depression. I would say I am in recovery as it is only just coming up for my 1 year anniversary since coming off my anti-depressants. Firstly, I never saw my anti-depressants as something to be ashamed of: they are crutches that helped me get back on my feet until I could walk by myself again. Secondly, I focussed on the NOW. I can’t change the past and I can’t control the future, so I worked on the present. Making sure I took every day at face value, jumping each hurdle as it came and working on doing things that made me happy. As a result I came off my anti-depressants in mid January 2012.

Passing my First Year

Everyone knows the first year doesn’t count. It’s true, it doesn’t. But I worked so hard to actually get to university in the first place that it meant a great deal to me whether I got a good grade or not. Having suffered quite badly with my depression in my first term of my first year, I was determined not to fall behind and to make up my losses in my 2nd and 3rd term! I passed my year, 3 marks off a 2:1, which works for me! 😀

Running a Half Marathon

I was always the kid picked last in P.E at school. I hated sports because I had to go up against the popular girls and I was made to do sports that I didn’t enjoy such as Cheerleading and Trampolining. I am a weights, cross country and hockey kind of girl. So when I didn’t have to do P.E any more, at the age of 16, all I did was walk to and from school. 4 years on, I signed up on a bit of a whim, to the Oxford Half Marathon to raise money for Blurt, without realising that I had to 1) train and 2) complete a 13.1 mile course. It can be a lonely 13 miles but I had Jayne from Blurt running beside me and even though at mile 8 I faltered, I didn’t quit and I crossed that finish line in 2 hours and 57 minutes. I did it. 😉



So this year I have 5 goals that I will take the entire year to complete and I’m not afraid to work for it!

Goals For 2013


  • Run a sub 50 minute 10k. This is a challenge as I am currently a 12 min/mile girl!


  • Travel somewhere new.


  • Be able to do 25 press ups by the summer.


  • Run a race in another country.


  • Worry less about my weight and more about being toned, fit and healthy.

new year1


What are your goals for 2013? 🙂