Be Pretty on Rest Days: The Book!

If like me, you’ve caught the running bug and have either only just started or have major burning questions about how to improve your running then I can whole-heartedly recommend the following:

Bangs and a Bun presents: Be Pretty on Rest Days (an introduction to running)


Getting into the flow of running is hard for everyone, however, I do believe that anyone CAN run, despite your shape, size, age or gender. You can be a badass runner whether you’ve done it before or not. Bangs has written up in this handy little e-book all the things you’ll need to lace up and get out there! I have been running for a year and still found it helpful. It can be yours for just £4.99 and you can buy it here!

There was a section in this book that made me smile like a lunatic (you know, the kind that produces butterflies in your tummy!)…

“If a teenage girl sees me, notices that I’m sweaty but that my leggings and trainers are pretty awesome and actually, I kinda look badass, maybe, just maybe, she might be encourages to get out there and give it a go herself.”

I didn’t see Bangs on the tube (I don’t live in London.. yet) but I did think she was a total badass and I did get out there and give it a go. And now, I’m the President and Founder of my University’s long distance running crew!! 😀

Anything is possible, and running showed me how… Give it a go and see what running can do for you! 😉