Go back to the Play Pen Kids!

Where do adults get off acting like jealous, insecure teenagers? Seriously! I’m on a rant so I’ll warn you now, if you treat others like you’re an extra from Mean Girls then get outta ma way!!!

Don't try the BS with me...

Don’t try the BS with me…

I have a zero tolerance policy on taking crap from people, since I was bullied from pretty much the get go. I finally grew a back bone in year 10, by being my own person, not conforming to what was considered cool and generally sticking up to fingers to the girls who laughed because I wasn’t perfect… Or easy! :O So when I got to 6th Form, imagine my surprise when I thought people had finally grown up, but actually, they were just as bitchy and just as ridiculous as before! We’d ditched the frumpy uniforms, but normal office wear only caused more problems for the likes of me who have an ass and hips! Apparently curves (at the time I was an unacceptable UK size 10/12) are a disgrace. I wasn’t even curvy at this point… In fact I was under-eating and over exercising!

When I look back now, I think about how miserable and unhealthy I became just trying to fit in. Not cool guys and gals, not cool. Now picture the horror I felt when I didn’t go to university first time round and had to do an extra year of 6th form!! Luckily for me, most of the tramps who bullied me were leaving to go get mundane jobs and have kids. Now there is nothing wrong with either of those things, if it’s what you want to do, but don’t for a second think you can look down your nose at anyone else– we’re all the same! Actually my last year at 6th form was okay… I found a great friend in Zahrah who helped make up the Awesome Foursome (Shonni, Zahrah, Elizabeth and me) and got a great friend out of my history teacher, Ali who started at that school when I did and left the same year I did!

I’m now at university and whilst there is still the odd person who tries it on with the whole making me feel bad about myself rubbish, I am pretty happy and I’ve left that type of person behind. But what about when you do have kids and you have to go back to school to drop your own kids off?

The problem I have isn’t that young women are having children. It’s that some of the women themselves haven’t matured out of childhood yet! I was always more mature than my peers at school and will probably be the same when I start dropping off my own kids at school one day. I also know someone who has this problem now.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand where mums with families who are falling apart at the seams, kids who are nasty obnoxious bullies and stuck up slobs who think they are better than everyone else (yes, even in their Crocs!) get off making my mum feel bad.

Yeah now you see why I’m on a rampage!! My mum is a woman who is classed as disabled due to degenerative disc disease, she’s had 5 children, and her fair share of shit thrown at her by life. And you know what? She’s still standing!! My mum has 5 children who are smart and on track to do good things in life, she’s still married to a man that loves her, she has a beautiful home, and for someone who has had 5 kids and cannot physically exercise, she looks pretty darn beautiful! So forgive me parents of snot-nosed little brats across the globe who think they are far more superior to the friendly “older” mother on the playground, if I suggest you shove your gossip, your jealousy fuelled mind games and tell you to take you sorry asses back to the playpen where some of the other kids might actually give a shit about you… I hate to break it to you, but you are no better than my mum or anyone else. I thought we’d moved into the 21st century where people were polite and civil to each other and not complete twats who for some reason feel they are on a pedestal higher than the rest?!

Yes I am up on my own high horse at the moment. I have a right! My mum is a person, strong and beautiful just any other good mother. So if you do find yourself thinking, “oh, I’m much better than her…” Just remember that nobody in the grown up world cares and you should stick with children of the same mental maturity as you (I can suggest a few secondary schools you might fit into!). Like I said, not all other mums and dads in the playground have stunted maturity, but there are a few who need to grow up fast!

What is your problem?!

What is your problem?!

Rant over now. Sorry 😛