The Importance of Positivity

Last night I made the revelation that I’m going to start getting up at 5am. Now even I know it’s a little on the bonkers side but I did get asked, why I was getting up so early when I should just utilise my time better and wake up later.

Put it simply here’s a summary of my busiest day (and all the others are pretty similar):


5am: wake up

5.30: morning run and Abs routine

6.30: Prep and cook a clean breakfast

7am: Shower and get dressed

8.30: Washing up and tidying the house

9am: Work for a 3000 word Spanish project

10am: Pack my bags and walk to university

11am: Spanish Class

12-2pm: Gym and Lunch

2pm: French Class

3pm: Spanish Class

4pm: Spanish Project Class

5pm: French Grammar Class

6pm: Grab something quick and light to eat!

7pm: Take the Running club (that I’m President of) out for a run.

8pm: lock up the uni room and head home.

9pm: Eat a light meal I prepped at the weekend and shower

10pm: Get into a well deserved bed.



So you see it’s not that I waste my time:

Between 5-9am, I’m usually working out doing some form of cardio or running. Between 9am- 6pm, I am either studying or in the gym. Between the hours of 6-10pm, I like to take care of myself by cooking clean, healthy meals that taste good or by having some form of personal hygeine! And on top of all this, being a grown up without a dishwasher or a maid, means I get to wash up and do housework too!

Not to mention that the hours of sleep a person gets before midnight are in actual fact, the best hours of sleep a human can have, quality-wise, which means the saying “Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes a Man, Healthy and Wealthy and Wise” really is, very true!


So, before you judge me for getting up and making THE MOST of my time from 5am, why don’t you all ask yourselves if you got up a little earlier, then could you use that extra time a little more wisely to do something good for yourself? 😉