I’m a Writer…

Blog writer


I don’t know whether you’ve picked up on this shiz yet– I know I’ve pretty much only just realised, but I’m kind of a writer. I love writing. I can sit and write my novel for hours, though typing it up is probably gonna be a royal pain in my ass! I down gallons of coffee while I’m at it– I mean really, I should just have it streamed into my blood intravenously when I’m on a roll!  I write blogs, stories, journal entries, Uni essays in French and Spanish and always in English first!

So it will come as no surprise to you probably, that actually I’m thinking that I want to be a teacher later on in life, and want to be a writer now. When I graduate I’ll take my PGCE year for sure, but after I finish that, I want to be able to write, turn my blog into something real, get printed in a magazine, go to other countries and new places and find the heart of what they are, what makes them truly alive! I want to write about all the things that make me laugh, cry or smile.

I’m a total nerd, so I research EVERYTHING about where I want to go and what I want to do. If it’s a holiday, then I’ll have a planned itinerary and lounging by the pool everyday is not always number 1 on my list! If it’s a new hobby then I’ll give it my all, look into diet, training and practice  that’s needed (because honestly, most of my hobbies are sport!)!

I want to write about the things that make me feel alive. So from now on amigos, that’s what you’re gonna get. You will read about all the things that make me SassyLassy16up, and what makes this blog find more and more followers everyday. I want to be heard and I want you all to enjoy what you hear!

So let me tell you now, this blog will be Anything But Ordinary…….