Smooth As Silk

Everyone knows that I’m a little bit of a grunge kid, so when I was invited down to Silk Road in Colchester, my immediate reaction was firstly, that it probably wasn’t my kind of thing and secondly, who would I know that was even going to be there? And why would I think that? Well amigos, Silk Road is a club that serves up hip hop, RnB and all things with a completely different base to what I’m used to… I really only listen to this genre of music when I run, because the beat is perfect for pavement pounding!


I was wrong. It wasn’t that it wasn’t my thing, it was just a thing I wasn’t used to! It was a little bit of a slow start when we got to the club but given that I was sober and everyone in the club was well, not, it wasn’t a surprise that I was more concerned with being mauled by a girl wearing shoes that technically double as a deadly weapon and dudes with no qualms about crushing me. But despite how many people there were who were unable to stand up (who am I to judge when clearly I’ve been a stumbling drunk myself! :P), we decided to bite the bullet and dance anyway! And it turns out that it was a pretty good moved to make! We danced from when we got there to when the club shut! I’m not so great at dancing until the sun comes up but I genuinely didn’t even notice the time. I even saw people from uni, who I think were more surprised to see me there than I was to see them but hey, I like to be unpredictable sometimes! 😉

Now a little word about the music. My friend Kenneth (check his mad skills out here) is a DJ and so when he promised it’d be a good night out I wasn’t shocked to find out his friend DJ Swoosh was putting in an appearance at Project X (the event at the club)… The main DJ was pretty good, but DJ Swoosh knew exactly what the bodies on the dance floor wanted. He’s a regular at uni, and I had never heard him play before but would definitely recommend getting yourselves to the next event he plays!

Overall the atmosphere at the club was great, the boys definitely aren’t shy and the girls are braver than Mel Gibson in dressed as a Scotsman, for wearing the heels they did! I really had an awesome night and would definitely go again! 😀