Freedom of Speech and Expression

Just wanted a little word about some things we like to call in good old Blighty, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. Now if you know me, you know I’m not one to take anything lying down. So a few weeks ago a girl I know caused a major shit storm in my life that had some very significant domino effects.


However, not to get into again because lord knows it’ll only give me a field day! But I posted on le blog explaining the situation. I didn’t name names, and I didn’t give out any personal information, unless you count my opinion as a piece of personal information! So when I got abuse from all angles of this girl (including a racist message from her brother) I took the post down.

Now I am NOT SORRY for putting what I did in that post. Not at all. That is my opinion and I am entitled to it. And thanks to the right we have to the freedom of speech and expression, not only am I allowed to put that post back up on my blog but I can’t get sued for it whatsoever, because as a writer I know the laws of Libel and didn’t use any names. It really isn’t my fault if some people know who I am talking about! And that freedom of expression rule? Yeah that means I can give her the middle finger salute (I didn’t because I don’t have the energy for that) or ignore her etc.

So, for all the people who thought it was wrong of me to give an opinion and put it out there I have only got this to say to you:

Sometimes, people will do and say things you don’t like. Accept it and move on, we can’t please everyone all the time. So suck it up and be an adult about things! 😉

And as for the girl I mentioned earlier? She’s apparently terrified of seeing any of my family. Why on earth would she be afraid to face them? I don’t know, but the only time I’d be afraid to face up to someone is if I KNEW I had done something wrong in the first place. Which makes me think, she knows she was in the wrong on many levels and now cannot face up to the consequences.

So basically, just because I took that one post down, do not for a second think that I regret the words I wrote in it. I believe in what I think, I say what I mean and I mean what I say. If you don’t like the way I am, then don’t be my friend. Because I will stand and fight my corner, until I have to– nobody else is going to stand up for you so do it for yourself. If you are honest about who you are and you don’t bend or break for anyone then frankly, you’ll be just fine.

stand alone

And in the meantime, I’m going to sit back and watch the shit-storm that was created implode, in person. You know what they say; give someone enough rope and they’ll hang themselves! 😉