Things Are Looking Up (Oh Finally)!

Brownie points for quoting song lyrics in the Title of this post. But that’s the funny thing with music. Some of it is great to dance to, some music is good to be angry or sad to. Some music relaxes and sometimes, music just sums up your life. I get this a lot with the band Paramore. Yep that pop punk band that everyone says sold out but you know what, it just seems that whenever they release a new song, it resonates with my life!


Their current new release “Now” from their up-coming fourth album, self-titled Paramore, is my mindset at the moment. I am going to fight for my future and I want to do it because there’s more out there. You can probably tell from my previous post on not actually caring what people think of me or my opinions any more, after all they are mine to have!

Since my post on being me again, which you can read here, I’ve picked up my guitar and started playing again, I hung out with some really great friends and I’m on a roll with my university work. Honestly, it’s only been a few days but thing really are looking up– finally!

So check out their new video below and maybe the song from their last album Brand New Eyes called “Looking Up” because for me, these 2 songs make me want to give it a shot, I want to succeed, for nobody else other than myself! 😀