Give ‘Em Hell!

I’ve been watching Revenge lately, and it got me to thinking: Should you take revenge on someone who has wronged you?

In a word: no. But believe me when I say I have been there and done the whole revenge thing myself. In fact, someone in my life (we’ll call her Miss Misery) who crossed me in possibly one of the WORST ways they could, got a nice dish served up cold!



It might seem funny to do serious stuff like laxatives in the food or posters around your area but in all honesty, you’re just fuelling the fire! Miss Misery is someone who would revel in the attention that might give her, so instead I opted to just make life uncomfortable. I played loud music, I hardly spoke to her and I stayed out of her life until she managed to hang herself with her own crap.

She managed to offend all of her friends by talking a load of crap and creating a lot of drama. It proved essentially, that I was not the problem. And whilst I like my music loud and I really don’t mind staying out of her way (I have other friends I can hang with) so she hasn’t got me to blame for the trouble that follows her around. Truth is, you don’t need to seek revenge on a person like Miss Misery; they’ll do it all by themselves!

But just in case you do feel like serving up a little self-satisfaction, here are some of my tips on how to keep out of trouble:

  • Don’t Do Anything Illegal

Anything like slander or libel isn’t the greatest start. Rumours will spread but eventually, it’ll come back to bite you in the derriere! Somehow, it will get back that it was you that started the rumour that they were “sleeping around” or “have herpes”….

  • Stick To The Basics

Be as sweet as, if they know they’re in the wrong, being nice will confuse them and put them on edge. Not only will it terrify your own Miss Misery but you will get great satisfaction in knowing that nothing is actually ever going to happen, but they’re worried about it anyway!

  • Just Say No!

The most simple way to reduce a person to tears is to just say no… To every thing they say!! For example:

“Can we–”


“But I just–”


“I need to–”


It is frustrating enough not being able to get your words out, but knowing that you just don’t care what they have to say will drive Miss Misery mental!

  • Shh!

The silent treatment is always a winner; don’t be nasty just be absent! If Miss Misery asks you a question then make eye contact, smile and then walk away. They will hate not knowing why you’re not speaking to them and the smile will make them think you have some evil plan in motion for revenge.

  • Cash Out

As I did with my own Miss Misery. I cashed out, cut her and her drama bs out of my life and sure enough, without me there as a scapegoat, she moved on to all her other friends. One by one, she’s offending them, letting them down and pushing them away! Cash out and you won’t get the blame, but you will get to sit back and watch the world fall down around her.


Some people may not like this post and probably think I’m a b*tch for posting it, but frankly, I could have said: yes revenge is sweet! Put laxatives in the milk, put washing up liquid in the kettle etc but these ideas could have the potential to be very dangerous and pretty stupid. Besides, if someone has done something wrong to you then maybe, they deserve to be iced out and there’s no rule that says you can’t blast out whatever music you like at whatever level you like, between the hours of 8am- 11pm. If you’re gonna be mean, don’t do anything that can affect the rest of your life irreversibly– nobody wants a police report haunting them for the rest of their lives!

Hope this helps and just because I know how you feel; Give ‘Em Hell– give them the truth!! 😉