Mind that; there’s a Wall there!!

I’ve been hitting a wall as of late with le Blog, I just haven’t really been able to get my thoughts down into actual words. It seemed that no matter what I wrote about, whatever topic and wherever I turned, there it was the great wall of Writers Block. Fortunately for you guys, I took a break to find a bulldozer and have now demolished said metaphoric wall!!!!!!!!!!!

So today I thought we’d have a bit of a catch up, and natter about what’s going down in Sassy Land at the moment!

Let's Catch Up, shall we?!

Let’s Catch Up, shall we?!


  •  EXAMS HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh dear lord it’s exam season and my goodness is everyone buzzing! I’ve got friends graduating, others going into their final year and then there’s my amigos and me, who are swanning off abroad! We’re all nervous about passing our exams, and excited about what the future holds!! 😀


  • SUPER SASSY: I went on a bit of stroll into town this morning, after months of deciding, made a little decision that I’m really VERY happy with: I went and got my nose pierced! I was thinking about having it done since just before Christmas and finally plucked up the courage to just do it!! I was pretty nervous (my first piercing in 5 years) and was really worried it was gonna hurt so bad– let’s thank my sister for telling me it would kill!– but actually it wasn’t too bad. It’s more like a very sharp pain, that made my eyes water and it only lasted for about a minute. Now it just feels a bit bruised!! 😛
What do you guys think?! =D

What do you guys think?! =D


  • I threw together another video but thanks to a tonne of revision, I can’t make another one for a while… *Sad Face* But once exams are over, I’ll be able to make weekly ones!! So in the mean time, check out the last one I made: 


  • Okay so the next bit of news that’s probably the most exciting (Save the BEST for last and all that!): DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep that’s right I’m slumming it in a tent for 5 days with some buddies, beer and badass music!!!!!!!! It’s my first festival and I’m totally stoked to be going, so hopefully it’ll be an amazing experience!! Check me out with my ticket all excited and shiz:
ME AND MY TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ME AND MY TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So you guys!! What have you been up to whilst I’ve been away!? 😀