It’s all About Being a Girl!!

You know what’s just hit me? I’m a girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always known that I’m female but I’m an actual girl. Which means that it’s okay to take an interest in fashion, beauty and make-up but to still love rock music, have piercings and go running!

So in light of my Captain-Obvious realisation, I’m actually taking more of an interest in things, that I thought maybe it wasn’t okay to be interested in to start with. I’m really much happier because of it.

Last week my friend Emily and I went into town on a revision break and I wore HEELS!!!!!! Okay you can stop laughing now. I wore my awesome ankle boots that I got at Christmas, sadly the weather has been so shocking that I’m really only just starting to wear them! Not only that but I actually managed to stock up on some really nice cosmetic items!!

I got me some:

  • The Body Shop– Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream (£10)
  • Boots– Natural Collection Lipstick in Berry Sorbet
  • Boots– Natural Collection Pressed Face Powder in Neutral
  • Boots– Natural Collection Stick Concealer in Fair (3 for £5)
  • Boots– MaxFactor Eye Brightening Mascara for blue eyes (£7.99)

Then I bought a skater skirt from H&M for just £12.99 and some Bioderma Make-up remover for £15 from Ebay! So I’m officially broke but looking and feeling FABULOUS!!!!!! 😀

Okay I’m lying I’m not completely broke: I went and got my hair cut today too! The ends were getting super ratty from all the dying and I thought that maybe getting them cut off would help the condition of my hair!

Sporting my new lipstick, hair and sweater! =)

Sporting my new lipstick, hair and sweater! =)

I apologise now for the red nose, my piercing is still healing as you know, it’s only been a week! Essentially I’m completely broke now, but I think it was worth it to feel more confident and to take care of myself!!!!!! 🙂 Also I will review each product in another post, don’t worry, I’ll let you know what they are all like! 😉