Summer has Been and Gone Apparently!

Ahh remember that bank holiday weekend that’s just passed us by, far too quickly? Yeah me too, it was a little fresh but the sun was shining, I didn’t have any exams for 10 days and I had some spare money… Which clearly only meant 1 thing: BBQ TIME!!!!!!

Yes indeed, me and my buddies decided rather spontaneously to head on down to Tesco and buy some meat and crack out the barbie! But apparently not everything went too smoothly….

  • “Tesco shuts in an hour and a half, we’ve got loads of time!” …. Which would be fine had the clock been changed way back when the clocks went forwards! Luckily we realised just in time (literally) that there was only half an hour until Tesco closed!


  • “Uhh, what are we going to put the BBQ’s on?” Because that is the thing with disposable BBQ’s: they’re very small and a bit inconvenient if you have to cook on the floor! And in true student style, we found a solution by putting them on the ironing board (yeah, that’s right, the ironing board!).


  • “Oh no! You forgot the wedges!” Ahh those wedges… Cooked lovingly in the oven and then, um, not eaten until the BBQ had been scoffed! Poor Shonni was a bit on the sad side, but I bet they were rather tasty later on!! 😉

So essentially, after Shonni and I did some hardcore housework, we then did the men’s job of cooking on the Barbie! Thank goodness we didn’t really have to clean up afterwards! 😛 Or at least I could sneak off home!

You can't see my meat but I had some tasty lamb!! =D

You can’t see my meat but I had some tasty lamb!! =D

What do you think of our makeshift BBQ stand?! 😛

Now you know what I got up to over the bank holiday weekend, I’d love to know what you guys did with those fleetingly sunny days! Leave me a comment below amigos! 🙂

Hmm, now as a good student, I will now spend the rest of this week watching the rain from my window, whilst studying for this Spanish exam!! Wish me luck! 😛