Fashion Snaps: Wild Wild West!



With summer looming (in the far far FAR distance!) shops are cracking out the sales left, right and centre so that the bag we’ve had our eye on for weeks is now 70% off and those shoes we really don’t need but desperately want because, let’s face it: who doesn’t need velvet peep toe wedges in magenta?!
The only problem is that you are not the only one with these thoughts! So it’s clear that things are gonna get nasty…

Me personally having no money until pay day, will fight for a pair of shoes, dress and a handbag that I can’t actually afford but really need to try on! However, come pay day I can picture the scene:

You stand there, magenta shoes in sight, when suddenly on the opposite side of the store you see another woman, staring at YOUR shoes!! Your eyes meet and a knowing glance passes between you… Queue music:


It is ON!!! You both make a mad dash for the shoes, handbags flying, shoes skidding across the shop floor! They are yours! They have to be yours! It’s over in a flash and you have won! Those precious babies will be adorning your feet, making the outfit you’ve planned for Friday night! 😀

My point is that every season, there’s something we all feel we need, something new to make us feel special, and a new pair of shoes always does make me feel special! You win some, you lose some, but either way we always leave the store feeling determined: to get a pair of those magenta shoes, to find the perfect dress, a new pair of jeans or that new handbag!

Now I could go on to say that we don’t need material things to make us feel good about ourselves (and that’s right, we don’t) but who am I kidding?! If having something new to do or wear makes us feel fab, then why not treat ourselves occasionally? I’ve been known to fight a 16 year old for a pair of shoes before, I splashed out after a break up and spent around £100 on a new outfit to make myself feel better and I even spent £16 on a make up remover just because, I felt like I deserved the best for my skin! 😛

So with the hope of summer in our hearts– and it’s a big hope in jolly old England– I say; pay your bills and shiz and then get yourself down to the shops to treat yourself to something absolutely fabulous darling!! 😀 Because with July looking like it’s going to be a wash out, we’re all going to need something to put the smile back on our faces! 😉