Say No To Starbucks..?

Now we all know I’m like a crack addict when it comes to my coffee– I don’t care where I get it as long as I get my fix!!! So imagine how thrilled I was to hear that my uni was suggesting a STARBUCKS ON CAMPUS!!! Oh my gosh, double skinny tall caramel machiato wotsits would be coming out of my ears when I returned to uni– excitement doesn’t even cover my sentiment to a PROPER coffee shop on campus!

So imagine my horror when anti Starbucks groups started popping up on facebook, protesting against the franchise being opened on campus!! Now Starbucks has been my saviour on many occasions, such as being in Valencia for a month with nowhere that sells English TEA.. Except Starbucks. Standing in Duty Free at the airport dying for caffeine when the prices of Pret-a-Manger are too much for the last of my English pennies… Until I saw Starbucks. Or even being completely worn out from a day shopping in Oxford Street but seeing massive queues coming from every Starbucks around… Until you turn each corner to find yet another Starbucks!! 😛

Saved by Starbucks on Oxford Street!

Saved by Starbucks on Oxford Street!


My point is that no, Starbucks may not be ethical but we do have Costa Coffee down the road in Tesco just 10 minutes from campus, if you really don’t like Starbucks, then don’t buy their coffee! The company will soon learn to be more ethical if their customers are buggering off to Costa or Cafe Nero! However, I’m very much of the opinion that there should be a choice: put a Starbucks on campus and allow the people to make their own choices as to whether they want to support the company or not… But at least give the option to do so!!

I don’t mean to sound like a complete fruitcake (which would go down nicely with a coffee right now) but I frankly don’t care where I get my coffee and if Starbucks can provide me with a Skinny machiato wotsit when Costa cannot then I would rather like the option to chose whether or not I want to go into Starbucks to buy it!! Besides, their seasonal drinks are AMAZING– especially at Halloween when they have pumpkin spice lattes.. Unlike Costa!!

Okay rant and opinion over… It is my opinion, don’t harass me for it– I’m entitled to it! I get very defensive about my coffee. It really is a serious addiction. My name is Cate and I’m a Coffee-holic………………


I do good where I can, nobody is perfect.. If you eat chocolate then you cannot judge me, because small children are seriously injured picking cocoa beans from those plants… If you drink tea you cannot judge, because the way it is farmed is atrocious… If you eat rice you cannot judge me for the people who farm rice get paid a pittance… If you eat mangoes you cannot judge me (look at the carbon footprint caused by the transportation of such fruits)… We can all go down this route but we don’t:

I’m just saying that we can’t all live in ethical and moral perfection…

I choose not to worry about coffee because it’s something I enjoy drinking and I give back in other ways. Like I said we’re not perfect and the world will never be truly fixed when it’s never fully broken. The world is simply cracked and no matter how much we try we can never change it because there are too many bigots at the top of the chain.

Anyone for Fair Trade?!

Anyone for Fair Trade?!

Perhaps the uni should consider an independent coffee shop who can fulfil the moral, ethical and student price quota our campus demands?! Perhaps we should open our own Fair Trade Cafe? 😉