The Value of Friendship

This year at university has taught me a lot about friendship and how fragile it truly is.

A friendship I had for 10 years ended this summer when I was accused of lying. I was in actual fact standing up for one of my close friends when I was told that the things I said was a flat out lie. I was shocked and disappointed in the person who accused me of this as after 10 years, I would have hoped that she would know that I wouldn’t make that sort of thing up: I had nothing to gain by saying it.

As a result, I decided that this friendship was clearly not what I thought it was and chose to bring it to an end as I have had enough negative influences in my life this year.


Whilst it’s sad that this person has lost many friendships this year due to her behaviour and attitude, I have been focusing on building friendships with people who fill me with love, happiness and confidence.

One such friendship is the one I have with Shonni. I’ve known Shonni for 5 years now and this year, after spending many hours in Costa together, our friendship is closer and stronger than ever! 🙂 We’ve both been through hell thanks to other people this year, so we both promised each other to get rid of the negatives from our lives. By doing so, I’ve realised the true value of a real friendship.

It’s wonderful to have the support of a friend with whom you can share even the most difficult secrets, someone you can lose track of time with, laugh until it hurts, make a fool of yourself and not feel judged! It’s nice to have someone who you can really be yourself around.. And still feel perfect! 😉

Now that Shonni has graduated, she’s moved to Kent and it’s hard to not be able to just pop over to her house, or head out for coffee every week with her. I’ve realised that if there are any friends I couldn’t bare to lose then this girl is one of them for sure.


This one’s for you chickpea! x

So despite all your doubt this year; you are so beautiful, I promise you this! 🙂