Karmic Powers and Other Such Stuff!

Now I’m a firm believer in Karma. You get back what you put out there: 3 fold. So basically be nice and people will be 3 times nicer back… Be a total bitch and people will return the favour times three. So please let me just remind you that if you find yourself alone, with no friends left and feeling hard done by then the chances are, you’ve brought some of that on yourself!! SUCK IT UP!

Perhaps it’s time reassess yourself and buck up your ideas; you’re alone because nobody wants to hang out with you any more– why is that? You have no friends left– did you shit on them and take them for granted? You’re feeling hard done by (the world is against you) — ever think that maybe you are wrong and the majority vote of the world may just be right?

Basically stop being such a pansy, admit that you’ve done wrong and that karma has come back to bite you on the ass! Maybe you should start taking into account that you get back what you put into things; friendship, work, relationships etc… So quit passing the blame off on other people, grow up and get a grip because frankly no one cares for your bullshit, nobody wants to listen to you trying to cover your own ass for being a bitch and nobody wants to be a part of that.


I recently mentioned a 10 year friendship that had come to an end in another post, and someone said to me in a private message about how they’ve been in the same situation but tried to fight for their friendship. They then asked why I decided to just cut my losses.. So here is my answer amigo;

This person had known me for 10 years. So for them to accuse me of being a liar not only made me furious, it also made me incredibly sad. As someone who has known me for 10 years, they must know that I am not that kind of person in the slightest. For me, I thought why should I fight for this friendship when after this long they are that willing to throw it away.

Why should I fight for a friendship I put a lot of trust and effort into for a decade, when after all this time, my “friend” doesn’t even seem to know who I am?

It seemed to me that there was no point in continuing a friendship with someone who had spent 10 years not even bothering to get to know me truly as a person…

And karmic power-wise (technical term I know! 😛 ) my life has improved significantly. There’s less drama, less stress and less pressure to keep very demanding and high maintenance people happy…

And the moral of this story is be nice to others and they’ll be nice back… But don’t put up with shit that makes you unhappy because life is just too darn short! 😉