20Things About Me

I’ve been tagged in this post by a number of people now so I suppose I should get on with it!

So here goes:

1. I’m ridiculously scared of spiders… to the point where I’m crying and can hardly breathe! It’s silly.

2. I don’t like Tequila… but that doesn’t mean I won’t drink it if I’m already a bit tipsy!

3. My blog is 2 years old and I am still as unsure about it as I was wheb I first started it…

4. 2 of my best friends don’t actually live in England. Vanessa lives in Colombia, South America and Linnéa live in Gothenberg, Sweden.

5. I have been travelling abroad via aeroplane on my own since I was 16 and I still love it!

6. I would love to have a bunny rabbit one day… and a cat!

7. I want to be a teacher, so that I know that someone someday was inspired by me to reach their potential.


I am actually quite nerdy…

8. In a medical assessment I was informed that my mental age is around 26/27 years old… (!)

9. I’m scared of needles but am happy to have piercings and blood tests if I can chat a load of rubbish at high speeds at the same time!

10. I can’t do press ups and I’m not great at sit ups because I have ZERO upper body strength… I also have the endurance of a corpse! O.o

11. I have been drinking tea from around the age of 11/12…

12. My next door neighbour has seen me in my pj t shirt and bridget jones pants at ridiculous o’clock in the morning, when I was putting out the bins!! (I am still cringing!) 

13. Breaking out into lyrics from songs or random dances, is quite a regular occurance for me!


The Butterfly Valley in Turkey!

14. My mum is my best friend and is an enabler in my coffee addiction! 😉

15. I read at a stupidly fast rate… we’re talking a couple of books a day!

16. I have a pedigree and am of “good breeding” so I guess that makes me perfect for Prince Harry’s next girlfriend!

17. I was a Mencer student back in the days of school and attended the Gifred and Talented programmes.

18. I use to sing at my local venue in front of 250 people… Fleetwood Mac was a crowd favourite!

19. Greece, France and Turkey are probably my 3 most favourite countries!

20. I’m not a fussy eater– I love most foods and believe that you should have everything in moderation… Except chocolate. You should have that as much and as often as you can! 😀


Looking a little less nerdy and maybe a little more tipsy…

Well there you have it… 20 things about me… you know that I am a nerd who likes to travel and has a bit of a thing for different sports. We’ve shared hopes and dreams, fears and humiliations… so now I want to know 20 things about you!

I’m going to tag my friend Fatima so she can tell you 20 things about her awesome self!!


This is Fatima; she is amazing! ♡

Check out her blog at http://lavie-engris.tumblr.com 🙂