Ooh La La!!

So it turns out that my fairy godmother was looking down upon me over the last few weeks, organising my apartment in France, my money and all the other problems that seemed to rain down on me.

As a result, I blog to you today from Ze Land of Ze Frogs! Yep I have upped and left England and begun a year long adventure in France! It’s going pretty well so far I must admit! Although money is tight and I am living on a shoestring, the weather is good, university is (frustrating but good) coming along well, I managed to take my Spanish exam without any hiccups and I’m starting to make friends.

Now that I have finally settled in a bit I will be blogging more about the crazy things that happen and the mega mix ups I’m sure to make whilst in the land of les escargots! But until then, why not have a mosey about my apartment and Lyon below! 😉