Public Displays of Affection

We’ve all been there, we’ve all seen it and some of us have even envied it. Affection. That sought after emotion we want with another person, to be unapologetically ourselves, around another person and still love and be loved for it!

I’ll admit, I am a hopeless romantic, hoping someday to find my prince charming. Realistically I’m in my early twenties so the likelihood of me meeting “The One” at this stage in my life is not really probable. It might happen but probably not! As a romantic, I love people watching; from a café, at the airport, whilst I’m shopping etc. There’s something rather lovely about seeing the exchange of affection between people, that at that precise moment in time, they truly care for each other with everything they’ve got.

Romance isn't just sex.

Romance isn’t just sex.


So what, pray tell, is the difference between a lovely exchange of affection between people and a PDA? Well it’s a bit like the difference between an epic romance film and a porn film. One (albeit predictable) is less in your face than the other. I’m not a prude but I find that porn just screams “trashy skank” and I feel the same way about PDA’s. Nobody wants to see you practically eating the face off your other half: peck on the lips, a romantic kiss sure, but full on groping and tongues akimbo for everyone to see? HELL NO!! We just think it’s a bit “trashy skank”.

I don’t drink a lot these days, because I’ve done many a silly thing whilst under the influence before. I never got myself into any kind of dangerous or compromising position, but I did wake up the next day wondering why in the hell my friends didn’t buy me a round of Bitch Slaps and tell me to sober up! Having stayed pretty sober the last year or so, I’ve witnessed too many girls (and guys) making complete twats of themselves in the name of “love”. Apparently when drunk, sucking face in public has been deemed acceptable!

Unfortunately not everyone can put their foolish actions down to alcohol… Having moved to the land of love I have seen more people in the streets, getting into sexually compromising positions with their partners than I have in all the years I’ve been alive! And I’m including the sexual tales from Jeremy Kyle shows in this!

Seriously people, no one wants to see you and your boyfriend doing the horizontal boogie, fully clothed on a public bench!! People have to sit there you know! So here is my advice; get your shit together and keep some things behind closed doors! Nobody wants to hear about or see your sex life so please go away and reassess every aspect of your life right now. If you don’t, I may be forced to bitch slap you, and your partner during said PDA and I promise, it won’t be the kinky shit you are evidently into!



Have a little self respect and dignity… For the love of all things sane: HAVE SOME CLASS!!!!!