The Name Behind The Blog

I get asked quite a lot what the meaning of SassyLassy16up actually is when it comes to ye old blog. And because this question is one that gets frequented by you badasses often I thought I’d just explain myself a little and clear up the confusion.

Sassy Lassy originates from my low self-esteem, believe it or not. When I was a teenager (and even now I’m in my early twenties) I was never the most confident of people. I could put up a front as much as the next person and even dressed in my own quirky style. But when it came down to being called fat by the haters and stupid by the dumb girls who hated that I was an academic (and comical) genius, although I could pretend to them all that I was straight up all right with that shit, it really did hurt me.

So at the ripe ol’ age of 15 I decided enough was enough. I was going to be the change I wanted to see in myself. Enter stage right: Sassy Lassy. It was not a term I penned by myself unfortunately. In fact the only part I came up with was the word SASS. It was something I wanted to have. I wanted to be that lively, funny, outgoing girl with a little bit of cheek that made people be wowed by my mere presence (cut me some slack here, I was 15)!

Just so you know, I still wear hats...

Just so you know, I still wear hats…

My friend and long-term enabler of crazy, Vanessa, told me she always thought I was a sassy girl. She thought that my “Like I give a crap what you think” attitude was awesome and something to aspire to. I didn’t actually tell her at this point that I adopted that attitude from her in the first place, mainly because I was so taken aback by her comment that my brain seemed to swan off on holiday. We were sat in the main library, where we used to hang out because that’s where all the cool kids hung out, obviously! I was setting up a new email account and having been told I was sassier than I realised, we sat thinking of email names that rhymed with sassy. Eventually Vanessa blurted out the phrase Sassy Lassy and somehow it stuck!

16up is pretty simple guys and gals; if you ain’t 16 then y’all shouldn’t be reading this here blog! Mainly because I talk about a variety of topics such as S-E-X (and how it should be kept private usually), relationships and let’s face it, I have said the odd swear word and called people out with bitch slaps but on the whole, I think 16 and up is a pretty acceptable age to be reading my blog!


no under 16s


I feel like I’ve come a long way as both a person and a blogger since I was 15. Mainly the fact that I actually blog now is a total key factor in this, but you know, I’m a total badass too!

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea here, I’m no arrogant SOB, no sir, but I do have a confidence I never used to have and you know what? It arrived when I was 21. I know I know, I’m still 21 now but actually now that I’m closer to 22, have put up with the shit that I did over the last year and came out the other end, I’ve realised that if anyone should be proud of me, then surely it should be me?!

And for that I should get a commendation for not handing out slaps to every person who has annoyed me, stabbed me in the back or just been a plain twat. Essentially though, I am a good person with a great sense of humour, I’m my own person and I will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but seriously, where is the fun in life if the boat ain’t rockin’!



What is SassyLassy16up all About?

Well amigos, it’s basically me bringing you my opinions on life, love, fashion and sports. All of which are things that generally interest me. Although fashion, beauty and make up, along with sports such as running and karate are becoming more and more prominent in my life so I’ll be blogging about those things a lot more, rather than ranting on about the sex lives of Jeremy Kyle rejects (see my last post here)!

If there’s any particular topic you’d like me to cover then I urge you to leave me a comment below! 😉

*Author’s Note: Although all opinions expressed in this post are true, please take sarcasm and irony with a pinch of salt as you will find that life will be much more light-hearted for all involved!*