Fashion Snaps: The Style Tribe Column

It’s no secret that I am a sucker for a good shoe. I’ve been known to battle it out with teens for shoes in the sale and even ordering from another country for that coveted pair of heels. *Le Sigh*
I was on the internet the other day searching for some fashion advice (because even classy gals like me need advice sometimes) and I came across something on the Glamour Magazine website called Style Tribe.



Basically, a whole bunch of fashion bloggers gave their insights to the world of fashion, dolling out the advice and words of worldly wisdom 1235263_10151595381496447_2029536036_nwhen it comes to being all stylin’ and such things.

So I was looking for advice on shoes, specifically heels, and who should I happen upon amongst these style tribers? Bangs and a Bun of course!! It’s a well known fact that Bangs has awesome styling going on, with the dresses, the tights (Wolford, naturally) and of course, those heels– a different pair every day! It’s something I’ve always admired and wanted to pull off. I never really had the confidence to don a dress and a cracking pair of heels but now? I say let loose and break out the chic!!

I will be bringing you guys my very own fashion tips/advice/opinions, in my brand new Style Tribe Column. 😀 I don’t expect you do all agree with my taste in fashion and I don’t expect you to adopt my style. I am merely putting my thoughts on styles that I like, out on the interwebz!