Lumière De Vie: The Science Behind Beauty

Being a lover of all things French or even remotely French sounding and an assortment of beauty products, I was excited to have stumbled across a new brand of skin care products called Lumière De Vie.

I have been on a mission for the last year or so to find some skin care products that actually suit my skin, which is awkwardly dry and sensitive, often being allergic to many “natural” skin products. I wanted to research a little more into this brand in order to decide whether or not I should fork out a portion of my hard-earned money on their range.

lumiere de vie

I found out more about the product and was very impressed with the ethics behind Lumière De Vie. The company ethos is to provide us with affordable skincare products that yield great results. Amber Ridinger, the brains and beauty behind the brand, spent years managing complicated skin problems, which can often lead to low self esteem and a willingness to pay beyond your means to solve the issue. This was something Amber, had spent years doing before deciding enough was enough!! The beauty industry was screaming out for a range of products that gave customers the results they deserved at a reasonable price. With that in mind, Amber began working closely with beauty scientists to create this extraordinary line, using the most advanced ingredients derived from the earth and sea.

“These products are designed to promote the natural healing process to rejuvenate all skin types and complexions. The result: rejuvenated, luminous, beautiful looking skin.”

I decided it was probably a good idea to research some of the results this brand could produce and I really cannot express my amazement at what I discovered. Lumière De Vie is a line, taking steps towards changing the appearance, confidence and lives of its customers. Just have a look at the results for yourself!

lumiere de vie 2

As you can see in the image above, the results are astounding! After only a few days there are visible results and I for one, am excited to try out this range.

The packaging for the products are classy, fresh and professional, making them perfect to display on any shelf without making the room look tacky or over crowded. The products themselves smell lovely and the price is within an affordable range. I would definitely recommend this line of products and can say with certainty that I will be adding several products from this brand to my collection of beauty products.

*Check out the brand Lumière De Vie and it’s products, for amazing photographs and more information, here!*