The Escalator Fandango!

Now some of you may know, that my sense of fashion as a teenage resembled something from a late nineties reject girl band. When I was young, I wanted nothing more than to be just like Sporty Spice, with her toned abs and penchant for pulling off jeans and crop tops. And the high pony tail? I was a master of that hair style for sure! As I got older, I went through a phase of wearing heeled boots and kitten heels. I was about 13 and felt super grown up and thought they made me seem more important and successful. Then came my late teens; by age 16 I was living in my Vans with baggy jeans and the grunge look down. I didn’t care what the authorities thought– I was a badass and I would not conform!

Fast forward to one weekend when I was on my way to meet my best friend, Vanessa, wearing the coolest pair of frayed jeans I had, my Vans and some t-shirt I deemed individual at the time (probably with a saying like “If you don’t like me, I don’t care!” Because I was such an individual! :P). We had a fantastic time; laughing and chatting and discussing our general coolness. We even hung out at the library reading because we were that darn awesome! Just kidding, we were the nerdy alternative kids who really just didn’t care; we wanted good grades, we enjoyed our friendship and liked reading manga… That my friends was what being a teen in the 2000’s was like!

Unfortunately I didn't have the advantage height of heels in this scenario...

Unfortunately I didn’t have the advantage height of heels in this scenario…

I don’t often make a complete fool of myself in public… Other than falling over, walking into lampposts and mistaking strangers for close friends, the following memoir is possibly my most humiliating public moment thus far in all my 21 years!

After spending a day with my bestie, she left for the bus and I nipped off upstairs in the town centre to go and make an appointment at the hairdressers, taking the escalator rather than the lift. Imagine the horror I had to endure when the trailing denim of my jeans got stuck in the top of the escalator: I fell over trying to walk away before realising my jeans were being taken down the back of the escalator stairs! In a moment of panic I slammed on the emergency stop button, causing everything to stop. Security naturally came-a running and then proceeded to faff around deciding what to do whilst I was trapped my the jaws of death, or at least my favourite jeans were! People began huffing impatiently as I stood there my face getting hotter and hotter, tears forming thanks to the humiliation… Angry customers turned and walked back down the motionless escalator laughing or grumbling, because my poor fashion sense had interrupted shopping services. I would also like to point out that it was late night shopping during the Christmas season so there a hell of a lot of people around to stare.

Eventually security decided that they would have to cut me out of the escalator… They took about 15 long minutes to find a pair of scissors and they cut as much of the denim of as was humanly possible. I got out of there as fast as possible, one leg of denim just grazing my ankle and the other trailing in the floor. I was so embarrassed that I spent my last £5 on a taxi home, so that people on the bus couldn’t laugh at me. That escalator was out-of-order for 4 days after my fashion fiasco but I have never lived it down!



The moral of this story: always trim the fraying material on ALL pairs of trousers. Wear heels 90% of the time and don’t take the escalator ever… Always take the stairs! 😉

Have you ever had an earth-shatteringly embarrassing moment where you wanted the ground to just open up and swallow you? I’d love to hear your stories so I don’t feel like such an embarrassment all by myself! Leave me a comment below! 😀