Bringing Sassy Back!

There’s something to be said for upping sticks and moving to another country. It’s terrifying, it’s exciting and it’s a mash up of every fear you’ve ever had about yourself. Mostly though it’s the biggest boost of confidence you could ever have! 😉

Lyon by night!

Lyon by night!

Knowing that you are making ends meet, getting around day by day and sorting out important paperwork in another language makes you feel like an absolute DON, I won’t lie! But it’s more than that.. I’ve noticed a change in my attitude towards life and myself. There’s something that makes me want to go out and grab exactly what I want whether that’s the grade I plan on getting at uni, that comfortable 6 mile run or just believing in myself that little bit more sincerely. I’m doing it!! I have the motivation and the determination to go after the life I want.

Why shouldn’t I get a good grade this year, just because I struggled last year? Why can’t I become more comfortable at running longer distances? Why shouldn’t I think that I look damn good in those jeans, that I deserve to get asked on a date by some random French guy, or that I am the absolute nuts!? Why not? Nobody else is going to think those things for me and I’m tired of doubting myself and feeling like I don’t deserve half the things I’ve worked hard to get in life.

I was reading a blog post the other day and it was one of those rants where the woman writing the post could not get her head around why it is we can’t be happy for each other… Why we can’t accept that good things happen to others and I realised it’s true. Whenever someone tells us they got this or that, we think “well yippee for you– not that you deserve it!” Why? They probably worked their ass off for whatever they got!

Then I realised that we only do this through jealousy because we can’t feel good about the things we have ourselves! We can’t accept that we deserve the place we have in life and therefore cannot be happy for others. I’m not saying this applies to everyone- the homeless man on the street probably doesn’t deserve that shit but still, he could change his situation if he wanted! But my point is, if we were comfortable and more accepting of ourselves we’d be pretty darn happy. So that’s what I’ve decided to do!

I’m bringing sassy back and I am not afraid to say it. I like that I’m a pear shape (I can rock a pair of jeans  with the best of them!) and I don’t care that I’m not a size zero! I may not be the smartest kid on the block but I can hold my own! I am by no means everyone’s cup of tea, I have always been and always will be an acquired taste but frankly, I’m gonna march to my own beat: you can either march beside me or not at all! 😀

Sassy not sorry!

Sassy not sorry!


SASSY: pert; boldly smart; saucy: the sassy girl with the blue eyes.