Music Shapes Us

I came across a really aweome album the other day by a band called Krewella. It’s a mash up of of dance beats and dubstep style music that gets the blood pumping and your feet moving. I’ve always like music that fast paced, like the prodigy but when I turned 16 as you will all know from previous posts and the youtube video I made, I got into the whole “death death, bang bang” scene… That is the name my parents gave the image not me before y’all go crazycalling me judmental! I did the whole black eyeling and Vans thing and got into the alternative music scene!

If you’d told me way back when, that I would have liked the music that I do now, I’d have laughed in your face! This got me thinking to how music shapes who we are and how me act and naturally, our attitude to life.

I want some!

I want some!

I asked a few friends what sort of music they liked and was surprised by how well their musical tastes reflected their personality! One friend, loves hip hop and RnB but Bollywood is a large feature in her iTunes; it shows the different elements of her culture as she is Sikh but was born and raised in this country, so half her music taste is as mainstream as any average Joe! 🙂 It suits her because she incorporates culture into her music and I love that!

Another friend of mine loves classical music on a day to day basis but on days when she needs a little extra motivation, she switches to the likes of Iron Maiden and Guns’N’Roses! It’s interesting because other friends of mine find that if they put classical music on during essays, it motivates them to write faster just so they can turn it off again! She’s a bit of a strange one, I’ll admit but it suits her personality because she’s shy and quiet on first impressions, but then there’s a whole other side to her where she’s bold, confident and bubbly.


And finally I asked another good friend of mine what his favourite music was and he gave different genres that reflect his personality very well. When he’s training or working out he loves garage and drum & bass but the rest of the time he likes quite chilled music. It suits his personality so well because he puts everything into his training and is such a laid back person.

So having reflected on how music has shaped my friends, I couldn’t help but look through my iTunes to see which songs I played the most to see which aspects of my personality are most prominently shown through music.

Otis Redding– The Dock of The Bay

I love this song, nothing beats a lazy afternoon with a cold cider and a book, with this song sound-tracking the moment! This shows the side of me that loves to just unwind and relax!

Michael Jackson– Leave Me Alone

This is my absolute favourite MJ song, I always want to dance, it features on EVRY running playlist I own and yes, many a passerby has heard me belting out those lyrics on a 3 mile run! I like to think this shows my fun side but I’m biased what do you think it suggests?! 😉

Krewella– Killin’ It (Mutrix Remix)

I love this recently discovered song and it has become one of the most frequently played songs for motivating me. Whether I’m out running or trying to study/blog, this song always gets the cogs of my brain pushing harder!

Jermaine Stewart– We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off

When I was a teenage I refused to do something just because everyone else was doing it and that included the horizontal boogie and drinking tramp juice in the park (aka the 2.5L bottle of Strongbow!) This song represents that stubborn independent streak I have. I don’t do anything I don’t want to!

Michael Bublé– Cold December Night

This is the festive side of my personality! I love Christmas; it’s magical, it’s loving and it’s exciting! This song is one of my favourite Christmas songs but if we carry onto the Christmas music subject then we’ll be here until.. well, Christmas!! 😉

So what sort of music reflects your personality? Would you ever have imagined listened to it 5 years ago?! You tell me, how music has shaped you…. 😀