La Vie Française: it sucks!

I am currently sat in a class where the tutor expects ridiculously fast writing from you to the point where my hand cramps up in every class. I tried to take a picture of an image on the presentation and was told not to take it and yet there was no information on where I could find the image. No, in fact I’m meant to be a mind reader and must automatically know these things!! Obviously, how foolish of me!

Life here in France is summed up by this example of shittiness. Seriously, the French men are absolute assholes whilst the women are stuck up and unfriendly. The university is so disorganised that the housing co-ordinator is leaving soon and they aren’t even bothering to replace him! God only knows what next years Erasmus students are going to do!!

The one thing I can say is that I have never felt so unwelcome as I do here. As soon as people find out you’re English, they seem to make it a personal mission to make life as difficult as possible! You try to speak french and they act like you’re speaking German or Swahili. They really just don’t give a flying f*** about the Erasmus students!

So when people find out that I’m living in France they assume I’m having a fabulous time… truth is, I’d give anything to come home!

A Summary of my Time in Lyon:

* I almost arrived homeless.
* The uni didn’t inform me of half my meetings in the first few weeks.
* I spent 4 weeks trying to organise my own timetable unable to find where the modules were posted because none of the administrators had a clue…
* Some asshole tried to start a punch up with me because I didn’t have any cigarettes.
* I put in a shit load of effort in every class only to be made to feel it’s not good enough.
* The university here have no idea where/when half the exams are so we get a few days to revise for them!!

It’s brillint here isn’t it?! It’s such a joke and I’ve never felt so alone and unhappy living somewhere before but frankly I feel like Lyon and France itself truly is, the Cess Pit of thr planet! I swear the jungles of Colombia are more welcoming and accommodating than this Godforsaken shithole…..


Just take me home!!