Reflections of 2013

T’was the night before New Years and all through the house people were drinking… even the mouse!

I am also reflecting over 2013 as a year in general. The last year has been difficult with a relapse of depression which I will talk about in more detail in another post, a complicated flat mate, a break up and even the end of a 10 year friendship.

So given the highs and lows of the year, here is a round up of the best and worst parts of 2013 and all the lessons they taught me! 🙂


The Highs


  • I built a stronger friendship with Shonni! 🙂


This has taught me that you get back what you put into your friends so treat them well and you will always have someone to laugh with and rely on.

  • I widened my knowledge of culture and religion!

One of my closest friends invited me on a night out in February with her friends. They are all of Indian Asian origins and are so lovely! They made me feel really welcome, and I learnt all about Punjabi music and the Sikh religion.

  • 1st All Nighter and its 1st!

I pulled an all nighter at uni for the first time since starting university and as a result I got a 1st for my Spanish Portfolio.

  • I became a Pokemon! 

As you may remember I dyed my hair Cherry Red and then added some bright yellow extensions making me look Charmander!

Whilst it was fun for a while I do tend to use my hair as a distraction, so that people can’t really see what a jumble I am inside!

Cate-Mander, I choose you!!!

Cate-Mander, I choose you!!!


  • Festival Time!

I went to my first music festival! Download was 100% an amazing experience and this year I am contemplating another muddy weekend of pizza, beer and camping with friends! But let’s face it for a line up, Download 2013 was a corker with Slipknot, Iron Maiden and Rammstein all headlining! 😀

  • Professional Blogger

I got a temporary job as a paid blogger, writing all about cars! Whilst it didn’t last long, it did give me something cool to add to my CV!

  • I moved to France…

This is a mix ball of highs and lows. I have met some incredible people in Lyon and have fulfilled a life long dream of living in France… However, I have also discovered that the French are not the friendliest and don’t really like each other and that I personally no longer want to live in France!



The Lows

  • I lived with Someone Complicated

I lived with a girl who for me, I suppose was a bit too immature for me to deal with. As a result things got very unhappy in our flat and triggered my second bout of depression.

  • I gave a relationship a go…

But it didn’t work out. In the end we were just too different and I wasn’t in the right place emotionally to even be in a relationship, thanks to the perils of depression. Luckily we were friends before and stayed friends afterwards so I feel very thankful to have such lovely people in my life.

  • I struggled with Uni

I really struggled with all aspects of my university over 2013 and even had to retake my Spanish exam in order to pass the year.

  • I moved to France…

As I said before, it’s been so hard! I am not particularly happy there and have spent the last 4 months of my life eating my feelings and then kicking myself for it!!

  • Losing a friend.

I lost a friend I had known for 10 years this summer. She accused me of lying after I tried to stand up for some other friends. Perhaps I over reacted and then perhaps she did. Either way, at the time I felt that I didn’t want that negativity in my life. I couldn’t cope with that too. So maybe with the new year we can patch things up and start over?



Things to Look Forwards to in 2014!!!

YAYAYAY this is going to be a year of achievements for me!!! 😀 So let’s have a round up shall we of my goals!!

1) I am learning to drive this summer!!!!!! 😀

2) I plan on running the Nike Run To The Beat half marathon in London this September, not for a charity, but for the first time ever, just for me!

3) I am going to move back to England!!! (Mwah, mwah) I will never again claim that England is the cess-pit of the Earth.. France can take that title!

4) This will be the year I laugh in the face of depression! I refuse to let it beat me!

5) I am spending a week in Belper with my gorgeous cousin Lauren this June!


6) I might book a week away in Cornwall just so I can learn to surf.

7) I will round up some friends and get them into running! 😉

8) I will begin my Karate training/grading properly! 😀

9) I will be a beautiful bridesmaid at my big brother’s wedding!!

10) Finally I will be taking le blog PRO!! I have a consultant, photographer and designer all lined up and ready to roll!!!!! 😉



So Happy New Year to each and every one of your beauties!!! Let’s make 2014 a year to remember!!