The Get Sassy Challenge: Part 1

It’s that time of year again where the resolutions to get fit and look hot in a bikini crawl out of the wood work… Ladies, let me stop you right there (Gents, I’m sure you already look hot in that bikini!)…

Getting fit in the New Year is a fabulous idea! I support you 100% but having spent all of my teenage years vowing to get fit and look good in a bikini, I have realised where I have been going wrong!!

Firstly what is “good”? Seriously, beauty is in they eye of the beholder so who’s to say I won’t meet Mr Right on a beach in my bikini, WITH all my wobbly bits?

Secondly, why just get fit for summer… Get fit forever!! Then you won’t have so much work to do in order to feel good and look amazeballs on the beach!

le greek beach


So I am starting a challenge for you beautiful creature both men and women alike!!

Instead of jumping in head first and hitting the gym in full swing with heavy weights and hours of cardio with no real idea of what you’re doing, join the “Get Sassy Challenge”

Each month I will give you guys a NEW challenge to take on which will help you get fit and confident by the time you hit that beach this summer!


Yeah I knew you badasses would be up for it! So here is what I want you to do in January:

Simply run 1 mile each day, at your own pace! Take a photo after every run and post it up online using the #GetSassyChallenge hash tag! You will get to see my sweaty face too so don’t be shy at all!

As they say over on Spikes and Heels: