Back to Purgatory

I flew back to France yesterday and surprisingly it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be! I am moving house this week on top of an exam and a 10 page essay to finish, so it’s going to be a busy week!

I have however, returned from England with a new attitude towards my life here in France for the next 6 months. I met a lovely girl from my British university on my flight and by chance we were sitting next to each other on the plane! She reassured me about my year abroad and helped answer a few questions about my future when I go back home for my final year!

So armed (and fabulous) with this information I have decided to worry less about life here in France and focus on being happier, healthier and less stressed. I am sat here writing this in a t shirt that says “Stressed, depressed but well dressed.” I think it sums up quite well the last few months here in France but honestly, I just don’t want to spend every day waking up and dreading each class or worrying that if I go out on a night out I will regret it in the long run.



So whilst me and my friends may joke that France is like Purgatory or “God’s Waiting Room” and that it’s the place where people go to die… We are just joking!! Things aren’t so bad I suppose and given that the people of Lyon (not all but most) seem like the most miserable sods in all of Europe, I can only hope to make more amazing friends this term in the midst of the misery!

Here’s to making the next 6 months fly by with good company (not the French apparently– come and prove me wrong guys!) laughter and lots of happiness! 😀