You Better Work, B*tch!

Good old Britney knows her shiz. If you want something the you gotta work for it!


Personally, I’m not such a fan of the singer but her words do hold a grain of truth. So many people today want to take the easy route, without putting in their 10 000 hours, but that’s simply not how the world works.

We live in an era of self-entitlement. Now having been accused of having a self entitled attitude not more than a few months ago, I thought it would be pretty apt to write a post about how people expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter these days. There’s no essence of having to work for what you want any more!

So pray tell what am I actually rambling about? Let me give you the example of going on holiday….

I have so many friends who spend all year moaning about wanting to go abroad on holiday and how it’s SO unfair that everyone else gets to go abroad each year but they don’t. My advice? Get a job. Learn to Budget. Save your money. Some people are very lucky and still have parents who pay for their driving lessons, test and car so that they can still afford a holiday… For most of us, that is just not a reality. Pick your priorities, put them in order and work through them by earning and saving. MAN UP AND SHUT UP!!! We’ll be having no more of this Kevin and Perry “S’not fair!” attitude okay?

Some people also have naturally thinner bodies… So what? If you’re fed up with the extra rolls or lack of muscles tone then lace up and go for a run or pick up a weight or two!! Nothing in life comes for free anymore, you can’t just stop eating carbs for a day (or ever) and expect to wake up the next day and have the body of Mila Kunis or Ryan Reynolds. It takes dedication and HARD WORK (and lots of complex carbs!) so just get on it!!

I won’t be walking into a job without working for it at uni and after I graduate! I won’t shed those extra pounds unless I get off my ass, move more and eat healthier. I won’t be able to afford driving lessons OR a holiday unless I save up my pennies and spend wisely.


So basically, I wouldn’t say I’m like some people who expect hand outs left right and center (I’m not necessarily on about being on benefits) with a self entitled attitude. Far from it. I never left school, expecting to be given a job, I never expected to walk in and out of uni on a breeze and I will continue to work hard for everything I have and aim to have in the future.

If you want something in life, then “you better work B*tch!!” as Brit put so pertinently.