My Heart Will Go On…

It’s that special time of year again, where the shops bust out an inordinate amount of chocolate and extortionate cards with soppy poems in them. Good old Valentine’s Day is on Friday and it’s a day where we are meant to cherish our loved ones, spoil them with gifts and do something romantically out of the ordinary.


But what about us singletons? I have never been in a relationship for Valentine’s Day, ever. I know I know, crack out the violins and call me on Friday to make sure I’m not hanging from the rafters! But each year, I get to watch all my friends rushing around buying roses and chocolates. So now I’m going to say something very contradictory, I love but I hate Valentine’s Day.

What I love about Valentine’s Day is that it is the one day of the year when people remember to take the time out of their busy lives, to show their loved ones just how much they mean to them. They splurge a little and buy something they wouldn’t normally think to or plan something special, not because it’s expected but because Valentine’s Day is a reminder to all, that we should take time out sometimes to enjoy the little things. What I hate about Valentine’s Day is how commercialized it has all become!! It’s quite frankly a royal piss-take!

So why am I so happy about this particular Valentine’s Day? Well, my big brother got married on the 8th February and it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever had the pleasure attending! I was even a Bridesmaid!!! 😀 I have never ever been so happy for my brother, nor have I been more proud. My big brother has come through the other side of hell and is still standing, a better man for it. I can honestly say that he deserves every ounce of happiness and I was honoured to be such a large part of it…

Snapshot as a bridesmaid!

Snapshot as a bridesmaid!


Now I will be the first to admit that for us singletons, February 14th can be a little on the awkward side, especially if you’re fresh out of a relationship, so here are a few tips of mine to help you get by!

  • Remember that you have someone who loves you: mother, father, daughter, son or friend… Someone out there loves you and would be lost without you in their life!
  • It’s just another day.. You can go about your business and forget the whole shebang! Go on I dare you to crack out the beer and put on the footie 😉
  • Being single isn’t all that bad!! It’s a chance to rediscover who you are as just you.. Not part of a couple but just you, on your own, finding out the things you enjoy doing without having to consider wholly another person. I challenge you to go have a little fun… Go on you little devil, you!
  • Do something silly; rewind the clocks and have a water balloon fight or throw popcorn at someone in the cinema! Have a poker night or eat ice cream and sweets until you throw up or go into a sugar coma!
  • You are lovely.. Yes you heard me. You are lovely and in the past someone will have thought so and someone in the future will think the same. It’s not your fault you’re single– sometimes people grow apart and things change. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. If you’ve never been with someone, then again, there’s nothing wrong with you or waiting for that special person!
  • Just go with it! There’ll be flowers and shit EVERYWHERE!!! Embrace it! Send someone new a cheeky little message, buy your mum some flowers and write a card out to a friend. These are all people you care about (or want to 😉 ) so bite the bullet and go for it; it’s one day, just take it as it comes! 🙂

So there you have it folks! I know my V-Day will be spent chilling out in Frogland (France), with a beer or two, a film and possibly some Chinese food whilst I spam my friends inboxes with gushing paragraphs of how much I love them!

love you guys

BTW… I love you guys!!! ❤