A Step too Far for Feminism??

I rage about this topic quite a lot. I’m all for burning my bra and having equal rights as a woman but lately Feminism has just become a political volcano that could blow at any given moment if someone says something wrong.

I posted a photo a few weeks back, that said “This was the average in the 1950s” and I added “Just sayin.” Now this was not meant to be interpreted as “Just saying, if you don’t look like this you’re hella U-G-L-Y!” of course it wasn’t– I don’t even have that body shape! But naturally, in our politically feminist riddled society, I was jumped on for body shaming! What the actual f………. Seriously???? If I had said; “skinny people are ugly, everyone should look like this” I could have understood. Is having an opinion slammed because it could be found offensive really what feminism has become?!

So imagine my delight when I stumbled across this gem of an article today on facebook!




I agree with everything in this article! I was also accused of not being a real feminist a few months ago because I shave my legs… SHOCK HORROR!!! For me being a feminist isn’t about not shaving or wearing a bra. It’s in the power of being able to choose that option. We don’t have to wear a bra in public, or look perfectly made up any more. But we can, as women still, choose to.

I’m not saying that body shaming isn’t a thing and I’m not saying we should revert back to when women couldn’t vote but ladies PLEASE: stop shaming people’s opinions, just because yours is different. Stop being so politically correct that you’re actually setting the feminist movement back!

I hate to have to say this but for me, feminism has become a cause behind which many people hide, in order to criticize the choices and opinions of others! I wish we would all respect that just because we don’t all choose the same things, it doesn’t mean we’re not all fighting for equality as women!!