Echoes of Festival Fashion

dream catcher

It’s no secret that I pine after festivals and the beach and all things bohemian but it wasn’t until New Years that I realised the bohemian style was where I fit best. I set about searching on the internet for bloggers who write and post about bohemian beauty and fashion and you know what I found? A lot of vintage goodies but not very much in terms of affordable fashion blogs for the boho crowd!

This seems crazy to me with boho fashion icons such as Sienna Miller, Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen paving the way for the rest of us. The sad thing is there is a lot of bohemian fashion and beauty out there at affordable high street prices, there’s just nobody blogging about it!

Vanessa Hudgens

So to rectify this atrocity I have started my own beauty and fashion blog based around festival and bohemian style, with the best beauty products and some of my own home made beauty goodies for you all to try! So if you want to check out some high street chic and beachy beauty buys then I suggest you all head on over and give my new blog Whispers of Woodstock some love!!


So I also have the GFC follow button on my new blog and would love you all if you could give me a follow as it would mean so much to me! Muchos Gracias! 😉