It’s the Final Count Down!!!!!!!!!

Now tell me you didn’t totally sing that title AND hum the guitar riff!! I knew it couldn’t just be me that breaks out into song and the drop of a … word. 😛

So it’s no real secret that I came to France for my year abroad, full of wonder, joy and high, high hopes… Which all came tumbling down roughly two months into my stay. This was mainly a mixture of the delightful young girls in Lyon, who take great pleasure in telling other girls they are fat. Regina George had nothing on these chicks! A little bit of homesickness (okay a lot of homesickness) and the fateful Halloween night out, where there were fisticuffs at dawn with some french guy over a lack of cigarettes! I’m not going to lie, it knocked me for six. I can hold my own when I know who I’m up against but some random drunk french guy? He could have been carrying anything so it wasn’t worth the risk!

So of course I wanted to share the FABULOUS news that I actually only 100 days left in France before I come whizzing back home to my beloved England!!! 😀

YESS!! Let's celebrate!

YESS!! Let’s celebrate!


This summer I am going to have to work a lot because I have so many good things planned such as; theme park days, new hair do’s, tattoos and learning to drive! So for me, I hope to spend two weeks at home chilling with family and friends before cracking on with working (hopefully) full-time!

I’m also going to save some pennies so that I can go on holiday when I graduate and go to a couple of festivals! Download and Global Gathering look AMAZING this year so I’m a bit gutted I’ve missed out but I will make up for it once I’ve graduated! 😀

What are your plans for this summer? Are you counting down for something special, like a holiday or a big move? As always, I’d love to know in the comments! 🙂

Cate xoxo