Become Water, My Friend…

Bruce Lee was a smart man, when he gave us his worldly advice to make like water, what he failed to mention was how important it is for us to drink plenty of it. As an athlete, I promise you Bruce Lee drank his recommended daily amount of H₂O and here is exactly why you guys should too!



I was catching up with a good friend of mine the other day and she mentioned how much water she’d been drinking. She commented on how great her skin was, how she ate less and had more energy and it wasn’t until I was listening to her praise the benefits of water that I realised just how little I have actually been drinking!

I’m not a massive water fan to be honest and usually have a squash to dilute into my water, but being in France (deep joy) they don’t actually sell squash (naturally). It’s a well documented fact on this blog that I am 60% coffee, (with the rest of me being 30% matter and 1o% water) so when I’m not hooked up to an IV of the stuff, I’m usually downing mug after mug of good old tea!

Lately I have been feeling out of whack in terms of my body, it’s a bit sluggish, I want to eat ALL the time, my skin isn’t in great condition and my sleeping pattern is worse than a student pulling an all-nighter! So listening to my friend, Jess, talk about how wonderful she felt now she was drinking water, I felt like slapping myself round the chops! SOLUTION TO MY PROBLEMS!!! There it was staring straight at me point-blank, practically adorned with flashing lights and neon colours; drink more water.



And so began the slog of pouring water down my throat every day… I’m drinking 3 litres a day as I also try to exercise daily, but 2 litres should do the average person alright! Although, I think if your can squeeze in extra then why not?! 😉 So I am on day 4 of this H₂O boost and I have to admit I agree with Jess, this water thing, it’s the stuff of miracles!!

The Benefits of Water:

  • Clearer Skin: I don’t often get many spots but I do get little spots that make my skin look bumpy and uneven. 3 days of drinking water and these little annoyances are pretty much gone!
  • Shiny Hair: My hair grows like I feed it Miracle Gro anyway but lately it has been dull and limp (much like myself), not even my shampoo could save it! Since drinking my 3L it’s softer, silkier and much shinier than before!
  • Snoozes: As I mentioned above, I don’t sleep well and insomnia is an issue within my entire family. However, I have found it easier to get to sleep since drinking more water and bonus, I sleep sounder too!
  • Munchies: Or much more appropriately, the lack of munchies. Since drinking more, I have stopped supplementing my body’s dehydration with snacking, which means I lose a few extra lbs and my body is as quenched as a wilting flower, after you water it on a hot day!
  • Energy: I’m like the energizer bunny at the moment! I cannot seem to keep still! I still get sweaty and red when I exercise but I don’t feel sluggish half way through a work out! Nor do I get headaches afterwards anymore! WIN!

So you see, water is actually pretty darn good for you! In fact, I was extra happy today because I looked and felt good and then, the sun came out! Needless to say, what with all my extra energy, I cracked on some dance music (think ShyFX, Prodigy, David Guetta etc) and whipped out my sunnies and spent my afternoon relishing in the awesomeness of myself for drinking so much water! 😀

Silly sunshine selfie!

Silly sunshine selfie!

Do you need to up your intake of water? If you have done so already, what effects did you notice within yourself? As always drop the C Bomb (comment) below as I love hearing from you guys!

Cate xoxo