Why Unemployment Disagrees with Me!!

Okay so technically I am still employed but since I’m in France I can’t work… I applied to jobs but apparently the French like me about as much as I like the French…. Maybe they’ve been reading my blog?! 😉 Since I only have 3 months left here (97 days!) I have started thinking about saving money and what I want from my money etc.



I have worked since I turned 16. I got my work experience in a shop for the sole purpose of getting hired afterwards. It worked a treat seeing as I ended up staying there for three and a half years! 😀 I had an absolute blast with my Customer Service team from our nutty supervisor/manager, Jackie to my till wielding colleagues Lee and Beth, I really did like my job!

Then came uni and during my first year I didn’t want to work! So I didn’t, but by March I wanted to off myself every weekend. Things were getting so boring! I’d hang out with friends for a few hours, do a bit of study and then BOOM…… EIGHT HOURS TO KILL!! That’s right people, come 3pm, I would actually get super bored and that was just Saturday (unless we went out) and so I ended up eating more, watching more tv and becoming.. A SLOB. –dun dun duuuun!– this was where I became really unhealthy and put on a lot of weight (like 2 stone), all because I was so used to having my weekends taken up by employment that I didn’t have to think about what to do in the hours between leaving my friends and going to bed! I was also broke from online shopping and extra food… Negative aspect number 2!

But here are the real reasons why unemployment doesn’t agree with me:

1. Escape… Work gives you a place where you don’t have to take all your personal shit. You show up, you smile, chat to customers, take their money and go home. Escape from life. (If your job is the problem, find a new one!)

2. Confidence… Working at BHS when I was an anxious 16-year-old taught me to not be afraid. I knew what I was doing, I was smart, strong and efficient (most of the time) and as I got to know how to do my job, I really did start feeling and believing it.

3. Boredom… It’s the cure I am telling you! I used to work all day Saturday and Sunday, then I went to school during the week. No I didn’t get a social life outside school, but as my best friend worked across the shop on the other tills, it really didn’t matter. Besides, when those school holidays hit, we had enough money to live it up in London every week! 😀

4. Maturity… Okay sometimes I can be a little childish at times (HE HE… I’m looking at you Steph!) but having seen a few counselors for my mental health issues, my mental age is actually somewhere between 26- 27 years old. I blame the responsibility that comes with having a job and spending almost four years of my life growing up and learning in an adult-rich environment.

5. Less Stress, more freedom… I constantly worry about money here in France. It’s not easy to access and if Student Finance mess up (like they have done every year I’ve been at uni, this one included) then I have zero other source of income. Having a job whilst studying gives me a bumper, so that when I get an unexpected bill pop up, I don’t have to decide between eating, rent or the random bill.

Yayy for job... No for being a responsible adult! =/

Yayy for job… No for being a responsible adult! =/

Once you have your bills and food covered, you have the freedom to SPEND.. Or save, like me because I am being a mature responsible 22-year-old. *Le sigh*

So there you have it, why I am slowly losing my sanity as a student, especially here in France! Do you remember your first job? Or are you hoping to get one? Let me know what things you want to gain from employment… Besides money and drop me a comment below!

Cate xoxo