Cheeky Compliments!

Ever whispered something a little cheeky to someone you like? Were you the one they whispered to? At some point in our lives, when we reach the older end of our teens and beyond, we seem to come into ourselves which gives us the confidence to give each other cheeky compliments! Today I wanted to look into this a bit more and share some of the things that have been said to me….



Ahh Joey! 😀 I know many a man who has tried that line!

One of the things I have noticed as I get older is that I have more cojones in terms of approaching people and saying what I think. When I was at school, I had a reputation for witty but sarcastic come backs but now that I’m older, I don’t have to be sarcastic when responding to banter… At least not all the time. Thing is when we get older, things become less offensive (like me no loonger being offended by the white goods jokes!) and we entertain a little banter between friends. Cheeky compliments are my favourite of this banter! They make you feel good, they make smile and laugh and they boost your ego to give you that extra bit of sass! So let’s talk, tongue in cheek for a minute.

I get a lot of cheek for my work out ethic, with friends making jokes about it. The great thing is that once you get older, you make the kind of friends that don’t make nasty jokes or digs, it really is just friendly banter! For example I was talking about my latest fitness challenge, saying it was a real work out! To which my friend quipped “Yeah yeah, I’ll show you a real work out! ;)” OF COURSE HE WILL………….. It made me chuckle and the banter continued, as we normally do.

woman giggling


So I wanted to share with you some of my favourite cheeky compliments I have received, that just stuck with me:

1– “You slink! You have a slinky walk, you slinky minx.” 

……….Just LOL. I didn’t realise I walked that way but it sure gave me a confidence surge!

2– “You aren’t like anyone I’ve ever met before; you’re weird, funny, clever and classy in one! 

Weird and classy… Boom! I have found the answer to success my friends!

3– “Your eyes are always so intense in your photos, they’re come hither eyes… I’ll come hither for you Cathy! :P” 

Brownie points for referring to one of the classics of literature, cheese points for the last part and no points for not knowing I call Wuthering Heights, Blithering heights because I never did enjoy the story! Good effort though, sir!

4– “You’re not normal… It’s so refreshing!!” 

Oh yeah, being the weirdo who doesn’t bow down to the pressures of others!! Boycott this normality thing!

5– “Alright sweet cheeks, can I buy you a drink?……… That didn’t work did it? I’ll just start again. Hello, you’re pretty, can I buy you a drink?”

Nicely saved, classier compliments will get you everywhere! 😉

6– “With a bum that good, I’m surprised you’re single!”

I am recruiting this cheeky sod for the Booty Appreciation Society!! He then proceeded to try to slap my bum! Naughty!

This next one needs some context……..

7– I was asked to feel this guys shirt, so I did. He said…

“Do you know what material that is? …. Boyfriend material.” 

Less of a compliment but ohh my goodness what a chat up line!!!

8– “Alright fitness freak? I love it when you sweat!”

Ahh if only I had known this was how to bag a boy at school, I might have put more effort into PE!

9– “You’re adorable when you’re angry… You can hit me now. That’s cute too.” 

Death by compliment…. Back when I couldn’t accept that people thought I was cute or adorable (LOL!). Cue his cheeky, lopsided grin too! 😛

10– “You have that look. When you raise you eyebrow that way, with that smirk… It’s like you have some kind of mischief in your eyes!”

Ahaha I do, I have this look when I’m about to give a cheeky compliment of my own! Count yourself lucky! 😉


Oi oi! You have a great bum! ;)

Oi oi! You have a great bum! 😉

Those are a few I’ve had in the last few years that I’ve remembered because they were a bit cheekier than the usual “Can I buy a pretty lady a drink?” line… Although I’m open to that suggestion too! 😛

Has anyone ever given you a cheeky compliment or were you the one being a little sassy? Ever laughed so hard from banter or did it lead to something more than just friends………? I’d love to hear your stories, so drop them in the comment box below! 🙂

Cate xoxo