Creative Cooking with Emily Blacker


Food. It’s something pretty much every person loves to indulge in. I personally adore every food I’ve ever tried, maybe not right away but they do say the palette has to try something 23 times before it can form a true opinion. A bit like a song that grows on you, flavours are the same. Cooking however is not for everyone but if you fancy giving it a go then I have the perfect person to give you a hand.

My friend Emily has always been someone I associate cooking with since we spent our first year of uni baking chocolate cakes and making mice pies together…. Then she made me that cinnamon birthday cake and I knew she was destined for great things!

My friend and amazing cook, Emily!!

My friend and amazing cook, Emily!!


And great things have arrived for all of you guys to experience too! Emily has kick started her own blog about cooking and food and some of the recipes she throws together off the top of her head, to make some of the tastiest meals ever! And the best thing about it is that she’s sharing them with the world.. which means tasty food for everyone!

The dishes are really simple to recreate and you can even tweak them yourself to add or subtract the things you might not like. I have tried her hot Asian-style salad and I can tell you now, it’s going to be a regular in my meal planning.

ems blog

So if you fancy a few fearless and adventurous recipes then head on over and check out Emily’s Blog “Fearless Food and Recipes” and show her some love for her amazing cuisine skills! 🙂

Have you got any favourite food? Are you any good at throwing meals together without a recipe? Let me know in the comments and if you fancy it, go and give Emily some comment love too!