My Mad Fat Diary


Dear Diary,


There are two things you should know about me:

  1. I’m fat.
  2. I’m mad.

There are so many reasons why I love this show. It’s funny, it’s set in the 90s and it’s honest. This is why I love it…


Sharon Rooney plays the lead character Rae Earl, who is re entering the real world after a four month stint in a mental hospital after a suicide attempt. She has a lot of issues and this programme addresses them through the eyes of the protagonist by her diary entries.


I love My Mad Fat Diary because I can identify with the character Rae. She has many problems and although I’m not exactly the same, I have shared many of the emotions shown through this show.

From weight and food issues, to self harming and a general feeling of being misunderstood, I’m sure so many teens and young adults can connect to Rae. What makes it even better is that it is based on the diary of the REAL LIFE Rae Earl.


The real Rae Earl, casually just not giving a shit…

So why am I raving about this programme so much?

Basically it’s just one of the most clever pieces of screenwriting to have come out on British television in recent years. I started watch this from the very beginning and it made me laugh during times when I didn’t think a smile was even possible.

It’s clever, funny and isn’t just focused on mental health. People often forget that when someone has mental health problems, it’s all they can do to just exist. Which is true, but it doesn’t stop us from wanting an actual life as well!!


When I was 16 I was miserable, suffering from food issues, self-esteem problems and depression. But it didn’t stop me from wanting to be popular, have a boyfriend and have fun. In fact, ask most mental health patients and they will tell you a life, is what they want more than anything else. Mental health is just one aspect of a person and I love the way this programme shows that through Rae. She has thoughts and feelings about more than just her issues and it is so cleverly written and portrayed that I feel it sheds more light on mental health than some other programmes I have seen.


What’s really great is that teens and young adults can really identify with this character and can use the subtle advice given in each episode. There’s something in it for everyone, even adults who may be dealing with a child who has mental health problems.


I love My Mad Fat Diary for providing a podium on which the message that “It’s okay to be mad” (to have mental health issues) is being shouted to the public. Maybe it will give others a voice and the strength to step up and talk about how they are feeling. I think it’s helped us get one step closer to stopping the stigma attached to mental health!