I ♥ …

There are so many things that I absolutely LOVE:

I ♥ My Best Friends

Now I don’t claim to be popular (I’m really not) but I do have 1 ultimate best friend:

Vanessa: My crazy pal who lives in Colombia, South America. She moved to my school in year 8 and we became really great friends and we talk about absolutely everything. She moved back to South America in 2008 but we email all the time and I’m saving up to visit her soon!

I have so many other really great friends, who I love to spaz about with and I love to spend time and effort on! 🙂

Yes, we were spazzing! =D

Yes, we were spazzing! =D


Seriously, I’m only 22 but I’ve been to Greece, Turkey, Sweden, France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain and America. I really do love to experience different cultures and new places!

Isn’t this a beautiful sunset?

I ♥ All Things “Paris”

For my 18th Birthday my parents paid for me and my mum to go on a long weekend to Paris, France. Which by the way, was AMAZING!! I went to the Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, The Notre Dame and so much more! It was truly such an adventure and I really wish that I could go again soon, but having a Saturday and Sunday job AND being a student, probably won’t permit me to jet off just yet!!

L’Arc de Triomphe a nuit! C’est tres Belle! ♥

I ♥ to dye my hair an assortment of red colours

I have been post box red, to neon orange all the way to natural auburn! I have settled on a bit of a red- copper colour at the moment but who knows how long it will remain that colour for!

I ♥ to RUN

Yep you heard right!!! I am one of those crazy people who gets up at the crack of ridiculous o’clock, just to make myself run in whatever weather Great Britain has that day: usually rain, snow or hail! 😉 But I love it and I get better every day! 🙂


I have a REALLY UNHEALTHY addiction to the stuff! I drink way too much a day and cried when my Senseo Coffee Machine died! I’m a fan of most coffee shops and this was coffee purchased from Starbucks in Oxford Street, London!



So basically you know pretty much most of what I like, obviously I love music and hanging out with my friends but now you know all my little quirks too! =) Everyone one has them and to be fair, I am an extremely acquired taste that not many people have! So I’ve told you my quirks, now you tell me yours!!