Heroes: Katie Piper

There are many people I use as inspiration in my life but none hold quite as much sway as Katie Piper. I think I have watched every documentary she has ever been involved… Continue reading

Sincerely, The Breakfast Club

Things got a bit heavy in the wee hours of this morning so I thought I’d give you a double whammy and end today on a much lighter note! Today marks the 30… Continue reading

Who I’ve Become…

It is said that our personalities are formed by the age of 7. I cannot remember much about being that age, apart from wanting to make sure everyone else was okay and happy.… Continue reading

Women in Sport

It’s no secret that I quite like sports and fitness. I’ve been a runner for three years now, I have an interest in karate and I’m stoked to get back in the gym… Continue reading

Cheeky Compliments!

Ever whispered something a little cheeky to someone you like? Were you the one they whispered to? At some point in our lives, when we reach the older end of our teens and… Continue reading

Why Unemployment Disagrees with Me!!

Okay so technically I am still employed but since I’m in France I can’t work… I applied to jobs but apparently the French like me about as much as I like the French….… Continue reading

Get Sassy: 30 Day Shred Challenge

I consider myself pretty fit; I run 4 times a week for around 4-5 miles, I eat healthily and drink plenty. So when one of my fitness buddies suggested trying Jillian Michaels 30… Continue reading