Work Work Oh and Work!!

So this weekend I handed in my notice at work. I was actually a bit nervous about it: I’ve been working ever since I was sixteen, I have no idea what I’m going… Continue reading


Get in!!!!!! I actually passed my A-Levels AND got into university!! 😀 😛 I am sooo excited it’s unreal. So I worried ALL night on Wednesday, to the point where Elizabeth made me… Continue reading

I hate admitting I’m wrong…..

So I took into account want Mr Arrogant said and thought I’d try taking up his advice…. So I let go and managed to free fall into… Well into a lot of fun!… Continue reading

Just to Clarify…

Someone asked me tonight if I was in love with Mr Arrogant because of what I said in my Words of Wisdom post. Let me assure you that I am not in love… Continue reading

The Bitter Past..

So while we’re on the subject on self-actualization and reading into our personalities I should probably explain a little about the problems I’ve had in the past. I warn you now that it… Continue reading

Words of Wisdom

So it’s 4am and I have been awake since 8am the day before and I’ve been to work and I’m shattered but somehow I’ve spent all night talking to a guy from school,… Continue reading

Choices Choices!

Oh my gosh I have a dilemma!!! So my results come out on Thursday and my parents want to get me something for uni! Now we all know that I’m addicted to coffee… Continue reading