Number 3 on the List…

So I’ve picked out what I want as a tattoo, which is number 3 on my Single Girl’s To-Do List. I want it on the outside of my left ankle! =) and it… Continue reading

Playing The Waiting Game

Urgh, so it’s 5 more days until I find out whether or not I have got my place at University and I feel physically sick just thinking about it. This is not my… Continue reading

Singleton Update:

I got on the scales today and it turns out I’ve lost almost 3lbs!! This is a shock as I only went for a run on Thursday and need to go again tonight! I… Continue reading

The Ultimate Single Girl!

So I have come up with a plan: this definitely gives me something to do this summer! 😛 The Single Girl’s To- Do- List 1. Makeover: Lose 14lbs Get Hair cut Have a… Continue reading

Shonni to The Rescue!

So my family went on holiday this week, and I was left on my larry when the stuff with the riots went down which was crazy but Shonni was here and we had… Continue reading

Rock & Roll!!!!!! Iron Maiden Concert

So on Friday 5th August I went to see Iron Maiden at the O2 in London! OMG it was A-MAZE-ING!! I had awesome hair and a custom made teeshirt and got to hang… Continue reading