The Ugly Duckling

If I could go back and tell the 15 year old me some advice it would be this: You are beautiful. The boys don’t like you because you’re not easy and the girls… Continue reading

Music Shapes Us

I came across a really aweome album the other day by a band called Krewella. It’s a mash up of of dance beats and dubstep style music that gets the blood pumping and… Continue reading

Bringing Sassy Back!

There’s something to be said for upping sticks and moving to another country. It’s terrifying, it’s exciting and it’s a mash up of every fear you’ve ever had about yourself. Mostly though it’s… Continue reading

Shoe Porn: The Riko Case

See what I did there?! With the play on words? Rico cases are to do with the FBI and are pretty important… Just like the shoes I am about to show you! I… Continue reading

The Escalator Fandango!

Now some of you may know, that my sense of fashion as a teenage resembled something from a late nineties reject girl band. When I was young, I wanted nothing more than to… Continue reading

Lumière De Vie: The Science Behind Beauty

Being a lover of all things French or even remotely French sounding and an assortment of beauty products, I was excited to have stumbled across a new brand of skin care products called… Continue reading

Fashion Snaps: The Style Tribe Column

It’s no secret that I am a sucker for a good shoe. I’ve been known to battle it out with teens for shoes in the sale and even ordering from another country for… Continue reading