Things I Believe In…

One of the most important things to me is The Blurt Foundation, which supports not only people with depression but also the friends and family who help those with depression!

Depression doesn’t discriminate…

Having depression doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you… You aren’t weird or a freak. It isn’t something to be embarrassed about. Depression is a chemical imbalance that means your body cannot produce the happy hormone fast enough to keep levels balanced. Depression can be triggered by a series of events or just one thing that can stress you out and push you over the edge… I was 19 when I was diagnosed with depression.

It helped that I could talk to the people at The Blurt Foundation, and could get things off my chest and to know that even with everything going on I had someone there who didn’t judge my situation or say that the problem upsetting me was silly. I have a real support network and am currently organising an event to raise money for this wonderful cause and the awesome people behind it.

I hope one day I can beat depression but until then, I have to accept that with the dark in life, there is always the light to look forward to.

If you have depression then visit where you can find out more information and find the support you need, whether you have depression or whether you know someone with it!

If not you can always email me at: