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I have created this page after I read Sofia’s Journal and saw that she had made a Popular Posts page. It really is a great way for new readers to check out the best posts on the blog. So being cheeky, I thought I’d nab the idea so you can see which is my best work! 😉

The Bitter Past: This was the first really honest post I wrote on my blog. It’s got a lot of truths about me in it and if you really want to learn something about me, it’s probably a good post to read!

If You Could See Me Now: This was a post I did after bumping into my old school nemesis! I never considered myself as a stunner and I was certainly never the most popular at school but I marched to my own beat and apparently, that’s something grown-ups seem to like! 😉

Operation Fit and Fabulous, Week 7- 9: The only reason this post is so popular is because I made a royal fudge of my hair and you all like to look at it and laugh! But seriously, there’s some good hair lessons in this post.

Rainbow Hair: For some reason people don’t seem to believe the amount of Hair colours I’ve had and so I wrote a post, complete with a collage of pictures just so you can see for yourselves!

Soundtrack to My Life: I’m so nosy that I don’t blame people for being interested in this post! I’d love to know the soundtrack to other people’s lives so I put up my own! 😛

Big up for Bangspiration: This post was basically to say thank you to the people who have influenced me to get fitter and into running over the last year or so. I wasn’t expecting the result I had that day but I got over 200 views the day I wrote this post.

Tough Decisions:  This was a post about how I was giving up drinking. Now I didn’t mean 100% because I love a glass of red and a snowball at Christmas etc but I did give up stereotypical binge drinking.

Don’t Call Me a Slut: This post is about how much I HATE the term Slut. No I’m not against the “Slut-Walks” but I do think they need to be renamed. I’m also not condoning a rapist. If that’s what you think I’m saying in this post then you have missed my point. The term slut is degrading; let’s stop using it! 🙂

Fashion Snaps: Food? No, I live off Shoes: Who doesn’t love a good shoe? I know I could easily buy a million pairs if I only had the money to spend… I also don’t have the space so would possibly be killed by my shoe mountain!

How do You Overthrow An Evil Dictator: I wanted to clear up a few things about how to act in certain situations when surrounded by nasty girls. I’d hope that by 20 they will have grown out of it but sadly, it doesn’t always happen!

Making Things Nice ‘N’ Easy: Because all of you found my hair fudge so interesting and kept googling Nice’n’Easy Light Ash Blonde, I did a post about Hair dying and stripping just for you! 🙂

Tea and Toast: I love tea and toast in the morning! I also love many other things and now that the cold weather has set in, I’ve started taking pleasure in all those little treats!

So for all you new readers, one timers (though I hope you come back) and my returning band of loyal followers, I hope you find these posts interesting and this page helpful! 🙂

Woohoo! Finding Posts is easy! =D

Woohoo! Finding Posts is easy! =D